Sacred Self Care and Ayurveda
Series 1

Integrating Ayurveda (Science of Life) into your lifestyle can heal your gut, make your skin glow, help you shed unwanted fat, and provide radiant energy!

Let’s intentionally put the “sacred” into self-care! This is the perfect time to attain mind-body balance!

During these challenging times, I’m inspired to share simple tips of mind-body-spirit Ayurveda practices. I will keep it simple because this 5,000-year-old medicine system can get a bit complex.

I am certified in Ayurveda Study and Western Herbology, but not a practitioner who is steeped in tradition. I don’t recommend the old practices that take hours of preparation or to eat solely Indian foods. Instead, I encourage eating locally grown foods and simple daily applications that help strengthen your Dosha type.

As I said, keeping it simple, I’ll start here: The Ayurvedic route to great health involves two steps: 1. Doing less; 2. Being more.

Be well. Be love. Be better.

-Toni Leigh, Western and Ayurvedic Herbalist
Chief Formulator of Desert Blends


Sacred Self Care and Ayurveda
Series 2

Self-care is the best health care.

The most sacred relationship is the one we share with our true Self. May we all practice yoga, live Ayurveda, and let the Divine take care of the rest.

Yoga is the sister science to Ayurveda and both are considered sacred. Ayurveda teaches us how to live in accordance with nature; and Yoga helps us to develop the right attitude with nature as Divine.

Do you know your Dosha type? Dosha means energy in Sanskrit. A mind-body type is like an archetype. In Ayurveda, different body types are referred to as “Doshas”. The Doshas are based on the natural elements; fire, water, earth, air and space. There are three Doshas types:

  • Vata = Air + Space
  • Pitta = Fire + Water
  • Kapha = Earth + Water


Fire is hot and powerful.

Water is fluid and cool.

Earth is dense and grounding.

Air is light and moving.

Space, or Ether is the one you can’t see but can feel. It’s the vastness of looking up at the stars on a clear day. It’s your intuition.

Ayurveda uses these elements as references to explain all aspects of your physical and mental well-being.

Vata is the predominant Dosha that may be affected by the outbreak of the coronavirus. Vata rules the lungs and respiratory systems and where I’ll focus in order to provide tips for self-care during the pandemic.

Vata is in charge of movement in the body. The bodily movements that may be affected by the COVID-19 are the heartbeat, lung; respiration; communication; heart function; creativity; emotions; the nervous system; respiratory issues, heart palpitations; gastrointestinal.

Vata in the mind may include insomnia, anxiety, flakiness, indecisiveness, moodiness, lack of creativity, nervous impulses, mental instability, fatigue, and restlessness.

When we experience an excess of Vata our fears, anxiety and nervous system are exacerbated. We want to pacify the dosha to create balance and peace of mind.


  • Begin a practice of trust between you and your body.
  • Use anchor points to ground yourself with a daily routine. Consistency to bring about an element of safety and ease. Meditation and Yoga are good practices. Start small narrowing down to one or two practices that calm the mind.
  • Don’t forget to Breathe! Breath is vital for healthy lungs.
  • Drink nourishing calming teas that soothe and calm the lungs like chamomile, peppermint, licorice.
  • Use this time to pamper yourself!
  • Nourish, nature and harmony are the elements of health and wellbeing.

Be well. Be love. Be better.

-Toni Leigh, Western and Ayurvedic Herbalist
Chief Formulator of Desert Blends


Sacred Self Care and Ayurveda
Series 3

Where does beauty dwell? The sacred space of the heart. There are some dark and very ancient caves in the deeper and most sacred space of the heart.

Close your eyes. Walk toward them and once you find them, turn on the light. Yes. You, my love

In darkness, beauty will find the way to your heart.

In Series 2, I mentioned that Vata rules over the heart and intuition.

During these stressful uncertain times, it is wise to anchor into your heart space and “listen” to your true Self and what it has to offer. In our heart space, there is no conflict, stress or fear. The higher intelligence knows all things and takes a birds-eye view. We find joy and happiness in that space. A deep knowing that we are taken care of.

Rest in the heart space and find peace, feel the expansion. All is well.

Be well. Be love. Be better.

-Toni Leigh, Western and Ayurvedic Herbalist
Chief Formulator of Desert Blends