Toni Leigh
Certified Herbalist of Western and Ayurveda Tradition
Ayurveda Skin Care Consultant

Specializing in 100% plant-based formulations for creative, distinctive brands seeking excellence in personalized skincare product lines.

Humans have used plants as medicine for as long as we’ve existed and my 100% plant-based formulations are derived from the wisdom of the ages. My devotion to the sacredness of whole plant systems and the ecosystems that generate botanical therapies results in product formulations that are aligned with nature’s ability to nourish and heal.

I am a certified Western Herbologist and Ayurveda Herbalist. I’ve dedicated time to the study of Chinese traditional herbs along with herbs and spices used in the medicated oils of Morrocan remedies.

My training as a Shamanic counselor provides the perspective that there is spirit in everything and inherent dignity in all. Walking in nature, I follow the sacred footsteps of the people who came before me and the spirit of our Mother speaks to me. I work as a channel for the healing provided by plants and nature. My creations come from beauty, nature, and the heart.

Yet, I am grounded in the realities of delivering a quality product to my customers, responsibly, sustainably, and with care.

Why plant-based?

The energetic qualities of plants offer healing properties that science is only now beginning to validate. Ancient energy medicines, whether Aurevedic, shamanism or traditional Chinese medicine, are now sought after as our culture embraces the reality of energetic body systems.

To offer their healing benefits, plants must be used in their wholeness. When broken down into compounds in a lab, they becomes fragmented and diluted and cannot hold their integrity. For mass production, most labs use synthetic compounds in an effort to emulate nature. But their efforts are in vain. Only whole plant systems in formulations can hold the integrity of its healing components for the duration of the shelf life.

I’ve been creating wild-crafted, farm-sourced, organic skincare product lines for decades; 100% whole-plant based ingredients, made in small batches to preserve the freshness and quality and made with love!

What this means for you

Currently, I am exploring the unlimited field of consciousness that connects us to the higher level morphic fields to align with my higher potential. This is revealing unprecedented bio-energetic healing opportunities. This cutting-edge consciousness technique enables me to tap into higher frequency fields of information for self-realization and to access physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation and healing. 

I operate within a balance between heart and ego, enabling me to draw from nature’s intelligence and the sacred wisdom of the ancient world. With the ability to weave the intelligence of whole plant systems and bio-energetics into tangible, accessible, and transformational experiences, I offer you access to innovative therapeutic healing opportunities.

db Taos and Oshara Skin Care were born from my connection to nature, ancient wisdom, and my unrelenting desire to innovate. 

Wellness and beauty from seed to shelf is my calling. I welcome the opportunity for my meaning and purpose to be the distinctive difference in creating your spa experience and your brand story.


A little tiny bit goes a long way. I’m still dabbing from an almost empty jar. I need only a small dab on my cheek every few weeks and sometimes a few months. I’m quite amazed of the results with this to say the least. My skin on my face is absolutely perfect with no redness, just perfectly smooth skin. The price is unbelievable for what is accomplishes. I did’nt even know that the ingredients were clean nourishing herbs and not harsh chemicals. I can’t afford not to be on this product. It’s a win win situation. Thanks Toni for an absolutely amazing product for an absolutely amazing price.

Rick Allaway, Sacramento CA

Thanks for providing me with excellent products! I absolutely love them!

Sandra Robles

Thank you! I appreciate your nourishing body care soo so much. It is more than a product to me, it is a way of life, thank you for you dedication to creating such wonderful body remedies. Thank you for all that you offer! So much gratitude!

Nina Britton, Nourishing Roots

I just wanted to tell you that I was recently diagnosed with rosacea. Bumps on my face and very itchy. I am 60 and it just came out of nowhere. The dermatologist prescribed oral antibiotics and antibiotic cream. I didn’t want to do that so I came home and read everything I could about the natural treatment of rosacea. I had the face serum on hand and it had many of the ingredients I had read about on all these rosacea sites. I went on a regimen of using the eye serum on my broken out spots as well as my eyes morning and night. After 3 days the cream greatly reduced the red bumps and I am a very happy camper. I am stocking up. I love your products! I think I will just totally go Desert Blends for a while and see what happens. I love the fact that the rescue creams for face and eye both don’t have much scent. I love the sage products but I am very allergic to smells having been an aromatherapist early on in my massage career I became over sensitive to most scents.

Debra DuBois

healing the mind,
body and spirit