Known as the fixer, the seed oils have amazing healing properties that restore, repair and hydrate the skin; a concentrated organic formula, enriched with antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamin C that heal damaged cell tissue, age spots and fine lines; cold processed, unrefined, virgin, and raw; high in sun protection. Apply on areas of the face and neck and under eye for best results.


INGREDIENTS: distilled water; (butyrospermum parkii) shea butter; infused virgin (olea europaea) olive oil* with (rosa rubiginosa) rosehip seed *; (oenothera speciose) evening primrose seed *; (calendula officinalis) pot marigold flower *; (glycyrrhiza glabra) licorice root *; (arctium lappa) burdock root *; (matricaria chamomilla) chamomile *; (artemisia tridentata) desert sage extract (wild gathered); cold processed seed oils of (helianthus annuus) sunflower*, (cucurbita pepo) pumpkin*, (solanum lycopersicum) tomato*, and (daucus carota) carrot*; (aloe barbadensis) aloe vera* and (simmondsia chinensis) jojoba oils*; xanthan gum (thickener); preservative (plant sourced); essential oils of (citrus sinensis) wild orange, (V. planifolia) vanilla bean absolute *certified organic